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How to Hold Supply Madrid ball to MSN

How to Hold Supply Madrid ball to MSN

Real Madrid managed to break the sequence of unbeaten Barcelona. In El Clasico La Liga match at Estadio Camp Nou on Sunday (04/03/2016) pm dawn, Madrid's 2-1 win over host Barcelona.

How to Hold Supply Madrid ball to MSN

In this match Barcelona over Madrid winning first through a header from Gerard Pique take advantage of a corner kick from Ivan Rakitic in the 56th minute. Six minutes later, Real Madrid managed to equalize through Karim Benzema in the 62nd minute, after a pass from Toni Kroos from the left side of the Barcelona defense. Zinedine Zidane's men eventually able to excel after in the 85th minute Cristiano Ronaldo managed to pass from Gareth Bale on the left side of the Barcelona defense.

There are some points that we can see from the game this time, which led to Luis Enrique's side defeat on Madrid.

Death of Engineering Attacks Barcelona

In this match, Barcelona fell to 4-3-3. Ivan Rakitic, Sergio Busquets and Andres Iniesta became the foundation of Barcelona in midfield. Madrid also relied on a 4-3-3 formation, with Toni Kroos, Casemiro, and Luka Modric in midfield.

At the beginning of the game, Madrid looks very difficult to withstand the onslaught of a Barcelona player. This happens because Barcelona always drain the ball to the wings, while Madrid even put up a lot of players in midfield. This weakness in turn anticipated by Zinedine Zidane. After entering the 15 minutes, Madrid began to change their formation from 4-3-3 to 4-5-1 to withstand attacks from the aggressiveness Barcelona winger.

Formation changes are applied Zidane makes Barcelona was forced to drain his ball into the middle. The impact of the three players in the middle of the last - Kroos, Casemiro, and Modric - indirectly make the duel took place in midfield. Not to mention the pressing effort applied by the three players, making Barcelona's midfield could not drain the ball to a trio of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar.

The effects of the pressing is done to make the three Barcelona midfielder Casemiro, Modric and Kroos are rarely seen in the last third of the Barcelona defense because they were given the task to shut down the midfield trio of Barcelona. On the other hand, the players Barca were only able to play the ball in the middle and was not able to break into the last third of the Madrid defense as a result of this pressing in midfield. Goals by Barcelona was the result of efforts to set-piece in the 56th minute.

Casemiro be a Madrid player with a prominent appearance in this game. Playing as a defensive midfielder, a player who last season was loaned to FC Porto is able to translate what is desired Zidane well. He even became one of the most active players in midfield in conducting defensive actions against a Barcelona player. A total of 12 tackles, 3 intercept, and 3 blocks, including a crucial block in the penalty kick Luis Suarez, he managed to please register.

Besides Casemiro, another player who has an important role on the victory of Madrid from Barcelona in this game is Marcelo. Brazilian defender even has a dual role in this game, namely as a left when the last and middle linebacker during his side's attack.

Not only that, Marcelo also often act as a bridge player when Madrid make the transition from the defensive to the offensive. Excess Marcelo in doing dribble and active in overlap to be a plus for him. One of the most obvious contribution of Marcelo is his role in opening a counter attack on 62 minutes Real Madrid Marcelo who had managed to penetrate the speed of the empty space between the midfield and the back of Barcelona, ​​before giving feedback to Kroos who end up being equalizing goal by Benzema.

Madrid Applying Remote Feed

Zidane options to do a lot of duels in midfield to not play an attacking midfielder into a loss for Madrid. As a result, Madrid can not build an attack through a scheme of the center.

However, Zidane is smart enough to outsmart these choices. He also instructed the release of child care for many long ball into the side wings of Barcelona. These efforts often even make Barcelona defender difficulties as Madrid put two wingers that are not only fast, but also nicely when doing a dribble, namely Ronaldo and Bale.

The application of tactics in an effort to foster children Zidane much feedback is quite simple. Immediately after seizing the ball from the Barcelona players, two wings Madrid immediately attempted to move without the ball to the wing. With once-twice bait in defense, direct Madrid player sent the ball to the wings of Barcelona who had awaited the two players. In fact, StatsZone recorded six of the 10 trials a long ball directed to the last third successful defense of Barcelona.

The entry of Arda Turan Line Leaving Hole in the Middle

Luis Enrique seems to understand that one of the reasons why his team failed to get into the last third of Barcelona's defense is because too many players in the middle of the field. He also enter Arda Turan in the 74th minute that the game be scattered to the side of the field and not just struggling in midfield.

This effort is quite reasonable because Turan is a winger who can also play in the middle of the field. The entry of Turan on the right side to make Barcelona seeks to steer his assault on this side, while also directing placement of a Madrid player to this side. However, Enrique choice turned out to be a blunder for Barca midfield.

Total fight in the middle of the previously balanced actually be an advantage for Madrid midfielder, because they are only dealing with two Barcelona players in the middle. Kroos looks even more offensive play after the death of Rakitic. Barcelona weakness even after Jesé increasingly be incorporated in the 78th minute replacing Benzema.

This is evident from Madrid scored the second goal, which came from the movement Dani Carvajal after seizing the ball in midfield, which then feed into the left side of the defense of Madrid were filled by Bale. Bale gets the ball, immediately do a crossing to the far post Barcelona, ​​which resulted into a goal by Ronaldo.


In the face of Barcelona, ​​Madrid realized that the key to the game Barcelona is close to the bait-Suarez trio Messi-Neymar from midfield. Zidane also managed to do that by playing three defensive midfielders were able to play to turn off the flow of the ball. In addition, efforts to encourage Marcelo Zidane be bridges Madrid in making the transition from the defensive to the attack is also pretty good, because Barcelona right-back Dani Alves, often assigned to more often go to the defense of Madrid.

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